Our Mission

A year ago Bodhi Danger was cancer free. He had finished three and a half years of treatment for B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He was the honored hero for the South Florida Visionary of the Year Campaign. Our lives were moving on and going back to normal, he was healthy.

I took Sophie with us to one of the LLS events I spoke at. Her exact words in the car on the way home were "I want to do that next year".

Well, it's next year.  At the end of the summer the kids formed their team and named it team in honor of Bodhi.  He was their motivation and inspiration, Doing It For Danger was born. 

No one expected Bodhi's leukemia to relapse in September and subsequent need for a bone marrow transplant. It is a huge priviledge to share he had his transplant last Friday December 8th. His big brother Fynn was the perfect match and donor.

Doing It For Danger has taken on a bigger meaning for our family and this team. My kids are the bravest, strongest, most generous souls I know and we are going to get through this and as I always say 'back to the fun stuff'.  Sophie, Grace and Kyle are witnessing firsthand for the second time what it looks like and what it takes to battle.

The least I can do with our story is to help other kids and their families fight. We get to the top and hold a hand out to those behind us.